“Ugh! They took my fricking kidney!”

Apologies in advance for my ponderous and annoyingly parenthetical writing style (subliminal man), but just as Bush set the bar so very low for being POTUSthe  resounding Ass-Hattery infecting every corner of the Media-Sphere has inspired more than a few rank amateurs to attempt to beat back these attacks upon an ever shrinking Reality Based Community.

OTOH, the recent plague of ChDS (Change Derangement Syndrome) has provided  a  unique opportunity to discover (through necessity) where intelligent life exists (or not) on our planet, from the bloggosphere to the TV talk shows. (One reason I have so much time on my hands: I canceled cable.) The prevailing notions about high vs low information voter, education vs intelligence, indeed, left vs right, are among the many ironies of our recent travels through the electoral Twilight Zone.

This site will likely spend an inordinate amount of time revisiting and dredging up the events of the Year of Infamy; AKA as the 2008 War for the White House. Frankly, it’s the only way I can rationalize all the time I’ve wasted following this campaign, and all the research, links, and notes I’ve accumulated in my attempts to ferret out any unbiased sources of information. I will admit some of these posts will be little more than an excuse to chronicle my blog surfing habits of the past year, so I expect the word-count/link ratio will be relatively high. It’s possible that everything worth saying about this election has been been said already (and much better than I could), but much of it bears repeating as the most relevant voices were always being sucked down the memory hole of the current media spin cycle. I have a feeling this will be the most analyzed election in our nation’s history. So many unanswered questions…

We also need to make some sense of the psychotic break that seems to have occurred in this country’s collective consciousness. My best guess is that these symptoms are another stage of the the thumb-sucking, fetal-position PTSD trauma we suffered after 9/11. Our latest over-compensating  mood-swing of the pendulum seems to require that the xenophobic blood lust for revenge and flag-waving patriotism that brought you the Iraq war and Bush’s improbable reelection must be redeemed through “hope”, “unity”, “change” and a suitable display of racial tolerance. Cries of “traitor” are replaced by cries of “racist”. The “Daddy Party” is replaced with the “Mommy Party”, and the stage is set for the next cycle of woe.

It seems, also, that the pragmatic post-partisan powers that be (wherever you are) know exactly how to push the right cultural  buttons, and to back the right (or left) candidate that fully exploits (and helps create) these trends. As the dust finally settles on this pathetic landscape, many who once resisted assimilation into our Brave New Obama World will merrilly join the career politicians, paid professionals, and the other Village Idiots on the latest pony parade path their corporate masters have prepared for them. I for one have never been all that big on organized religion.


2 Responses to “Ugh! They took my fricking kidney!”

  1. jayne says:

    Where are you? I’m looking for inspiration. Have you dropped out or can’t you write and laugh at the same time?

  2. umbrella says:

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